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Martin.Care offers integrative security solutions and process optimisation for healthcare facilities.


Time saving

You save valuable time, which you can then use for personal contact with patients and residents. Especially in the care sector, this increases people's quality of life and creates happier employees.


Martin.Care is a family-run company that has equipped more than 2500 facilities such as hospitals, care centres and psychiatric wards in over 20 countries in the last 20 years.


In the healthcare sector in particular, it is important that systems are durable. That is why Martin.Care develops the key technologies itself to ensure that new products are backwards compatible and that a system can be operated for a long time. Martin.Care also offers a repair service for defective devices to ensure that the devices have the longest possible service life.


DMartin.Care solutions are rarely the leading system within an organisation. We therefore rely on networking different systems using standard interfaces or by developing customised interfaces on request.

Targeted communication

There is a high risk of alarm fatigue, especially in nursing. For this reason, we use a two-stage and transparent alerting system in which the nursing staff can see whether and who is already taking care of an alert. 

However, it is important that the alarms are only forwarded to the people to whom they apply.


Martin.Care's systems are designed with security in mind.  Unlike localisation providers that only use BLE and triangulation, Martin.Care's system separates the localisation technology from the communication technology. This means that an alarm can also be transmitted when a patient is on a call trigger, for example.


With our many years of experience in maintenance, we have created user-friendly interfaces that are highly accepted by maintenance staff.  We only display relevant messages and avoid unnecessary or confusing information.   Installation is simple and only requires one power source per room.


The systems from Martin.Care are suitable for everything from small assisted living facilities to entire hospital complexes.  They are easy to expand and, thanks to proximity localisation, the localisation accuracy can be freely selected by the customer.

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