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Integration into communication infrastructure

Use the standard means of communication that staff already work with and increase acceptance among employees.

Multiple ESPA interfaces

It does not matter whether an ESPA-444 or ESPA X interface is required. The Care2Graph software can connect 4 interfaces.


This means that an alarm can reach the carer via a wide variety of routes. Via the usual call system - e.g. at the room terminal or mobile on the existing telephone system.

Alarm display configuration

An alarm consists of different information that can be transmitted.

alarm type,





First name  


However, many nurse call systems only have limited display options on their displays.


The Care2Graph interface therefore makes it possible to assign each interface its own shortening rules, which determine which information is shortened and how much so that the interface remains usable.

Alarm acknowledgment via the interfaces

Alarms can be transmitted in the first phase. However, resetting the alarm must not be neglected.


With the ESPA-X interface, many call and telephone systems offer the option of resetting alarms directly via the existing communication infrastructure.

This means that staff can remain in their usual routine and do not have to change.

Call systems with possible interfaces

Nurse call systems: 

Ackermann (Honeywell) Systevo 

Cereda (Famalux/ Winkel) 

Hospicall P7

Schrack Seconet EZ-Care

Schrack Seconet Visocall IP 

Tunstall Flamenco 

Zettler Medical800

and others with ESPA interfaces 

Alarm servers and telephone systems: 




Novalink (Novalert) 


Tetronik (DAKS)

Siemens (OsCar) 



and many more

Below is a selection of compatible call systems with which integration has already taken place. 


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