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Fall detection and prevention

Plug and play systems for greater safety for residents and patients at risk of falling.

Recognising and preventing dangerous situations

The innovative 3D smart sensors detect movements in the room and reliably trigger an alarm in critical situations. 


Data processing takes place in real time at the sensor using the cogvisAI software, which enables a fast response time and maximises privacy protection.

Setting up cogvisAI in the room is also very easy (plug & play).

cogvisAI 3D-smartsensor 1.8.png

Alert via Care2Graph User Interface

The Cogvis AI system can be seamlessly integrated into the Martin.Care systems. 


If an alarm is triggered via the sensor, it is displayed on a map on the alarm UI of the Care2Graph systems.

No camera in the room 

Data protection is important. That's why we decided to work with Cogvis AI.

The 3D sensors do not provide a clear image, so privacy is protected with the necessary security. 


The sensors can easily be moved from one room to another by a carer. This means that not all rooms need to be equipped. The customer therefore retains the necessary flexibility.

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