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Electronic door locks

Every Resident Tag from Martin.Care can also be a room key. With the combination of access control and call system, you can create a hotel function for healthcare facilities.

Avoid stigmatization and create privacy

The mobile nurse call system from Martin.Care makes it possible to trigger a call for help with a tag worn on the wrist. 

This tag can be combined with an access control system. This means that doors unlock automatically when the correct tag is in front of the resident's room. 


This prevents unauthorised persons from entering a resident's room and protects their privacy. 

Another advantage is that everyone in the facility carries the tag with them, as it works like a room key. This can eliminate the problem of stigmatisation of residents who need a mobile call trigger on their wrist.

Access for nursing staff

This integration is not only useful for residents. Carers can use the same system to access residents' rooms without needing a key. 



This creates a hands-free solution for access control.

Other rooms such as ward rooms, cleaning rooms and areas to which patients should not have access can also be effectively secured without the need for a key or chip.

Reference - St. Elisabeth Bettembourg

The facility in Bettembourg was struggling with theft in the residents' rooms and was also looking for a new call solution. 


Each room has its own access control so that each resident can only enter their own room. 

The external doors are also linked to the tags so that independent residents can also enter the facility at night without having to ring a bell.


For disorientated residents, the doors that open for others lock so that they cannot leave the facility unaccompanied. 


Care staff can locate residents in the home at any time and receive their name and call if a resident needs help. 


Reference: Foyer Ste Elisabeth Bettembourg 

118 residents in 100 rooms 

Realisation partner: Telkea

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