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GPS tracking for seniors

GPS for seniors 

Raphael SafeMotion - GPS for elderly 

Especially for people with dementia, outside support is very important. This is the only way they can maintain the highest degree of independence and mobility and feel safe around the clock.

By using the Raphael-SafeMotion watch and the associated assistance system, this desire for security is put into practice and thus supports those affected and their relatives.

Emergency call  

The emergency call function of the SafeMotion assistance system is available to you anytime, anywhere. The only condition for the localization is adequate GSM network coverage. After an alarm is triggered, your confidants or the staff of a facility will be alerted in the order you can specify. 

The alarm takes place here by means of a call and an additional SMS. It contains your current position and a link to the SafeMotion platform where you can see the location.

GPS für Senioren Uhr
Alarmierungskette GPS

Alarm Chain


The alarm chain gives you the option of defining a number of persons who should be alerted in case of emergency and who will be shown the location.


In an emergency situation, it is important that you receive help as quickly as possible. In the alert chain, you can specify the order of the persons receiving the emergency. If a person does not react, the next person is automatically informed.

Geo Fences


Within the localization movement zones can be defined. These are created with "safe areas" on a digital map.

This is especially important for dementia patients, so they can move freely in a safe environment.

The sooner you recognize any dangers, the faster and more targeted you can react. With Raphael-SafeMotion you can easily mark the safe areas. Should the wearer of the watch leave the area, a corresponding alarm will be triggered automatically. In addition, the watch holder can trigger an emergency call by pressing a button (red button).

Telefonieren mit GPS Uhr für Senioren
Phone function


The GPS watch can do more than just locate: you can receive phone calls and SMS. SMS appear on the display area of the clock and are read aloud if desired. Optionally, it is also possible to call a specified number of contacts directly from the clock.

Optional: Patented security buckle:

The security lock can be opened with the help of a magnetic key. The extremely robust bracelets made of metal or disinfectable plastic  makes it very difficult to accidentally or deliberately remove the disoriented resident.


For more information on the safety lock, please click HERE.

Magnetic key:
The magnetic key for opening bracelets is easy to handle by the nursing staff.

Patentverschluss für GPS-Uhr
einfacher Magnetschlüssel
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