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Door Monitoring

Alarm when doors and exits are opened

Door monitoring is a simple feature of the Care2Graph system. An alarm is triggered if a door is opened at a certain time. This helps care staff, especially at night, to receive a message when a patient or resident's room is opened.


Use Cases

Monitoring can be used for various applications, such as alerting nursing staff during night duty, signalling when time-out rooms are opened, preventing intrusion at night by raising the alarm when external doors or windows are opened and monitoring the failure contacts of devices and machines.

Preset and manual activation

The requirements for a door alarm are diverse, especially in the nursing care sector.

A standard application is that a door opening triggers a message at certain times to prevent disorientated people from wandering around at night.
Time profiles can be created to determine when which wireless door contact should be triggered.

Another scenario is the activation of the alarm on demand. Each door contact can be activated separately in a dedicated software interface. This is used in care for the disabled, for example in time-out rooms.


The door contact

The door contact is battery-operated and can be easily attached to a door frame with double-sided adhesive tape. Installation is quick and easy.

The door contact is equipped with an acknowledgement button. This is used to deactivate the next alarm when the door is opened. Carers can enter the room without triggering an alarm and disturbing colleagues at work.

Multiple use

The wireless door contact enables other solutions to work even more smartly.

Depending on the door status, an alarm is triggered for an asset tracking alarm, runaway alarm or even newborn abduction case.
An alarm is only triggered if the door is also in the open state at the corresponding RFID position marker.

This significantly reduces the number of alarms and avoids unnecessary interruptions to care staff.


Additional use cases


The wireless door contact can also be used for other applications.
It has contact inputs that can also be used to generate a message from other devices with a malfunction contact.
For example, if a medicine refrigerator fails.
Another application is to connect motion detectors or light barriers to easily secure an outdoor area.



The alarm is displayed on the Care2Graph software's alarm interface. The alarm is transmitted on a map so that a carer can easily see where their support is needed.


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