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Enhance the safety of your staff and reduce absences.

Safety with location and fall detection

The Care2Graph system creates more safety for staff. With the Personnel Tag, staff can feel more confident that they can use it to trigger an alarm if there is an emergency situation. The alarms can be triggered actively by staff or automatically by sensors.


Discreet alarm activation in the name tag

The Personnel Tag is a name tag with a card slot on the front. It allows for the attachment of ID cards, key cards or similar items without the need for additional devices to be carried.

The back of the tag features a discreet button that can be used to raise an alarm in case of an emergency, such as a situation with a patient that appears to be escalating. The device vibrates briefly to ensure that silent alarms can be triggered without drawing attention.

De-escalation through presence and alarm forwarding

The Care2Graph software distinguishes between different types of alarms: intentional alarms, which are triggered by pressing a button and unintentional alarms, which are caused by fall sensors or dead man's switches.

To ensure that the appropriate number of employees respond to intentional alarms, a minimum number can be defined. This helps to de-escalate situations through their presence, ideally before anyone is harmed.

This helps to avoid having too many or too few colleagues rushing to help.


Reduction in staff absences and more attractiveness as an employer

Staff turnover is high in emergency rooms and psychiatric wards. In addition, staff members frequently have to deal with violent incidents, leading to frequent absences.

Covering these absences requires higher staffing levels, which are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

Martin.Care's staff security solution can help you save costs and become a more attractive employer.

Data protection and pre-alarm

The tracking system used by Care2Graph has a great advantage: the staff tags only transmit their location when necessary.
This means that people can opt out of being tracked.


Alarming vs. Search – Different use cases


Alarm functions can increase staff safety.
If staff agree to share their location, processes can be further optimized.
Searching for colleagues can be time-consuming, but a tracking overview simplifies the search by allowing you to find colleagues and their current location.

Automated and hands-free access control can be achieved by recording the position of the staff tag.
An access control card that is already in use can be inserted into the card slot instead of replacing the existing locking system.


Call cancellation and reset own calls

Using a second button on the back of the staff tag, your own calls and emergency calls from emergency call tags can be easily acknowledged.
The pre-alarm before a staff call can also be reset using this button.

Furthermore, the staff tags can be used to accompany disoriented people without triggering false alarms.


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