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Mobile security with indoor tracking for residents

Help with keystrokes

Ensure that your staff are promptly notified when a resident triggers an alarm.
With room-specific real-time localization, you will know which person requires assistance in which room.


Targeted alarming

The alarm is sent to the nursing staff on the ward where it was triggered, allowing so that activities on other wards can continue without interruption.
Including images of the person calling can help identify them more quickly, particularly in cases of high staff turnover.
Alarms are transmitted in real-time, providing the room number, name, and picture.

Access control and exit control

Resident Tags can prevent certain individuals from exiting through a door area and can also protect disoriented persons. In addition, a hotel function can be created where the Resident Tag also acts as a room key, providing both privacy and access control.

Implementing an access control solution for facility entrances can help Resident Tags reduce work interruptions for care staff.


The Resident Tag

The Resident Tag is a component of the Care2Graph system. When the red button is pressed, care staff with the current location and name of the resident.

The Resident Tag features a comfortable wristband with a pin buckle that can be easily opened by the user. It is battery-operated and waterproof, allowing it to be worn during bathing or showering.

When the battery is low, an alarm is sent to ensure proper functionality. Changing the battery is a simple process that involves opening the underside, minimizing maintenance.

Proximity alarm cancellation

A resident's emergency call can be easily acknowledged using a Nurse Tag or Personnel Tag. To do this, however, it is necessary to be at least 1.5 metres away from the calling resident and press the button. This ensures that calls are not accidentally cancelled and that there is an interaction with the resident.


Targeted search


The search interface makes it easy to find specific residents within the facility.

Carers can use filters to quickly identify which resident is in which room or whether they are present in the dining room.
This information is crucial for evacuation procedures to ensure that all residents have left the ward.


Mounted call triggers - wall and pull buttons

Wall and pull-cord buttons round off the system. The permanently mounted devices are battery-operated and can be installed flexibly wherever they are needed. Additional redundancy can be created with a permanent power supply from an earlier nurse call system.

The alarm cancellation is performed room by room so that all calls from a room are cancelled at the touch of a button.
Die Quittierung erfolgt Raumweise, sodass mit einem Tastendruck alle Rufe aus einem Zimmer quittiert werden.


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