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Safety on maternity and delivery wards

Safety and protection for the little ones

Kidnapping from hospitals is repeatedly reported in the media. The swapping or confusion of newborn babies can also occur on maternity wards.
For this reason, we have created Care2Graph, a solution to prevent such scenarios. Alarms are triggered as soon as a newborn leaves the ward unaccompanied by a parent or carer.


More than just alarming

In addition to alarms, preventing escape from the facility is also crucial in ensuring security in the event of an abduction. To achieve this, lifts can be programmed to remain open only if parents or carers are present with the baby tag. Doors can also be locked to make abduction more difficult.

Camera systems are often used to monitor door areas and are activated as soon as a baby is left alone.

Pairing and unpairing

Parent Tag and Baby Tag can be linked even before the child is born.

To do this, an authorised caregiver must link the two tags together. This is done reliably and with just a few clicks in the Care2Graph pairing overview.

When the mother and child are discharged from hospital, the link is simply unlinked and the Baby Tag can be reloaded.


The Baby Tag and the Parent Tag

Newborns are fitted with a Baby Tag immediately after birth. This is attached to the ankle with a soft silicone strap.
The mother and parents receive a Parent Tag. This allows them to carry their newborn baby around the hospital without causing an alarm.
In addition, the Parent Tag is equipped with a call button, which enables mothers to call for help from nurses on the move.

Biocompatible and safe

The Baby Tag is a waterproof device made of biocompatible plastic with gold-plated sensors on the underside.

These sensors trigger a tamper alarm if the tag is removed from the child's ankle without authorisation. It is important to note that the device should not be removed without authorisation.

It has a rechargeable battery that can be charged in a specially developed charging station.
The device can also be used in a disinfectant bath.


Alarming and searching for the newborn


The alarm overview allows nursing staff to promptly respond if an unauthorised removal of a newborn from the ward occurs.

However, there may be situations where nursing staff cannot intervene. Alarms can also be forwarded to security services.

Additional camera control facilitates the identification of the abductor and aids in the investigation.


Alarm types and alarm cancellation

The system has three alarm types:
Abduction alarm,
Tamper alarm
Baby-alone-at-changing-table alarm.

Additionally, there is a service call option and a Parent Tag feature.

Only authorized personnel using the software can reset triggered Baby Tag alarms.


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